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a Difference

Discover Architecturally
Designed, Sustainable
Prefabricated Homes

Discover architectural intelligence

We’re changing what modular building can do. With BModular designs, you
can create a home that shows of your unique personality, created to an
architectural design that makes it truly your own.

We Produce Fast Build Homes with No Waste and No Site Mess

Our building blocks using locally sourced materials that have extremely low environmental impact.

High-performance insulation made from reclaimed ocean plastic

Structural timber panels using redundant wood chops

Façade frames crafted from recycled aluminium

This is reuse, in a sustainable way. Robust, long-lasting
materials that create a solid foundation for your new home.

Build your home faster

Technology is evolving. We expect more from our design tools. BModular fuses design and technology into one seamless process, with our click-and-connect walling and roofing system.

Each wall panel features an integrated click-and-lock system that can be dismantled, moved to another location, rebuilt, and reconfigured as your home evolves. You can buy new building components individually, or as part of your design, enabling easier home extensions as your house grows.

Standard Designs to suit a range of applications

Choose from our 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom design options

Adjust your facade choice to suit

Add a roof terrace to give yourself more outdoor space and a view

Build faster, build easier

BModular’s prefabricated construction means your build is up to 90% faster than traditional construction methods. Each component is designed to allow for flat pack transportation and rapid assembly: a new home that doesn’t take months.

Super flexible

Your home is completely modular, so you can design and build it how and when suits you. You can even order individual parts to create add-ons to your dream home, rather than planning a complete new build.

You can put a price on style

BModular lets you design a dream home for less than a traditional new home build. Thanks to our patented technology, you get an architecturally designed property that reduces your total cost by up to 50%*. You can build your home, and still afford the housewarming party.

*Reduce total costs by up to 50% to buildings with comparable performance

A less wasteful solution

Every Bmodular component is manufactured using repurposed waste materials. You’re taking it out of circulation completely. BModular achieves 100% re-use of componentry, and recycles 80% of site waste. Welcome to greener home design.

A bit about us

Established in Perth, Western Australia, we founded BModular as a way to create a better, more sustainable building system. A way for people to design the bespoke modular home they loved, while reducing their impact on the environment.

We think we’ve achieved that.

Build better. Build faster. Build greener.
This is bespoke and modular design.

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